Friday Fun Facts

Wimbledon Requires White Undies

When it comes to enforcing its all-white dress code, Wimbledon will check in your pants. An umpire made tennis player Jurij Rodionov pull part of his shorts down to reveal colored underwear! A supervisor double checked and sent Rodionov off to change his undies before he was allowed to play. The staff have previously forced Venus Williams to change out of a pink sports bra.

ATM Machine Spits Out A Desperate Plea For Help

A customer obtaining cash at a Corpus Christi Bank of America got his cash along with a note that read, “Please Help I’m stuck here and I don’t have my phone please call my boss,” the note read.  The ATM repairman got stuck in a room behind the ATM for two hours after forgetting his key to get out.  Police freed the repairman by kicking down the door to the room where he was trapped.

Granny Flashes Dodger Jumbotron

An elderly woman stole the show at a Dodger game on Saturday when she was captured dancing on the Jumbotron.  She decided to take that moment of fame a little further by suddenly flashing her bra covered breasts to the entire stadium. The woman is now being called the “rally granny”. The Jumbotron operator quickly switched the camera off after a collective gasp from fans and zoomed in on a Dodger player. Granny got her 30 seconds of fame!