Friday Fun Facts

Leave Your Husband In A Rest Pod While Shopping

A shopping mall has introduced a way of keeping bored husbands entertained while wives go shopping. Global Harbour mall has installed four glass pods where bored men can play computer games on comfy leather seats. Each “rest cabin” has a chair, monitor, computer and gamepad – but no air-conditioning!

Upstairs Residents Trapped – Stairs Removed Overnight

Second floor residents of a Decatur, Georgia apartment complex were shocked when they tried to leave home – only to find their stairs had been removed during the night. Firefighters had to use ladders to help free the residents of Maple Walk Apartments who say the stairs were abruptly removed late Sunday night or early Monday morning, with no prior warning for repairs.

“First Date From Hell” Ends In Lawsuit

Brandon Vezmar calls it “The first date from hell”. It ended in a lawsuit. The Texas man sued a woman for $17.31, the price of movie tickets – after she irritated him by texting during the movie. Brandon Vezmar, 37, of Austin, claimed Crystal Cruz was “a threat to society” after she used her phone to read and send text messages “at least 10-20 times in 15 minutes” during a movie.  Vezmar asked Cruz to stop but she refused. He suggested she step outside to use her phone and she did but never came back and since she drove them to the theater, he was also left stranded.