Friday Fun Facts

Searching For Donald Trump Look-A-Like – $66,000 Salary

Team Tactics, a corporate hospitality company is searching for   someone who resembles Trump to appear at corporate functions.  The     company does Apprentice themed team building events. The look-a-like will have to undergo weekly spray tans and daily hair   appointments, and agree to remain “in character” throughout the assignments for a salary of $66,000.  Security is NOT included.

Rescued Snake Wraps Around Rescuer’s Neck and Bites Nose

A woman had to call 911 after a 5-foot-long boa constrictor snake wrapped itself around the woman’s neck and clamped on to her nose. The Cleveland woman found the snake and put it around her neck. Firefighters were unable to pry the snake’s jaws open and had to cut off its head to detach it from her nose.  No word on whether the Jaws of Life were used to do so.

Jesus Appears On Mushroom

Usually if you see Jesus on a mushroom, you’ll suspect the ’shrooms are the psychedelic kind.  But, that’s not the case in Chignahuapan, a   town in Puebla, Mexico, where locals swear they can clearly see Christ on a mushroom kept in a local church. Legend has it that the Jesus mushroom was found 137 years old by a lumberjack. Locals were reportedly so impressed they built the church on the site where it was found.