Friday Fun Facts

Dead Bodies Stored In NYC Break Rooms

Employees in the New York City subway want MTA officials to stop storing dead bodies in their break rooms.  When someone dies on the subway or on a train platform, the body is removed quickly to resume service.  Transport Workers Union Local 100, told the New York Post that bodies are taken to the nearest room.  A lunch room, breakroom or employee bathroom.  Deputy Police Commissioner Peter Donald said, “We bag the body and stay with it until the Medical Examiner arrives, however long that is: one hour, two hours or three.”  Union official Derrick Echevarria said that the situation has been going on for years.

There’s A Rat In This Chick-Fil-A Story

Ellen Manfalouti thought Chick-Fil-A burned her bun.  However, it was a little extra protein added.  She tossed the chicken sandwich on a conference room table.  A co-worker turned it over to reveal whiskers and a tail coming out of the bun.  The bun was shipped to a lab and confirmed the presence of a rat or mouse baked into the bun.  Yes, of course she has filed a lawsuit against Chick-Fil-A.

Man Survives Desert With Only Beer and Water

Mick Ohman wanted to go on an adventure.  He set out to have lunch in Crown King, near Prescott, Arizona. He ended up getting lost and stuck in the desert for three days.  He had no cell service.  But, he did have some water and beer that he consumed.  On the second day, he found a stream and filled his empty water and beer cans up and returned to his vehicle.  On the third day, someone happened to pass by and he was saved.