9 year-old girl captures a whopper of a fish!

Emma Zajdel was fishing with her dad, Ed in the waters of Little Gull Shoals near Maryland’s Assateague Island when she caught a 94.6 pound cobia. The fish was 66.5 inches long which is bigger than Emma is tall. Emma is now the new state fishing record holder for cobia fish.


Man Kept Brain In A Jar For Getting High

Joshua Lee Long is in jail. His aunt decided to clean up his abandoned trailer while Long was in jail. During the cleanup, she found a human brain in a jar with embalming fluid. Long confessed he stole the brain, named it Freddy and used the embalming fluid to get high. That’s a mixture of formaldehyde, methanol, ethanol and other solvents.  Long is in jail for burglary. Perhaps he stole it from someone else.


Need A Ride, Use Uber app.  Need A Pooper Scooper, Use Pooper.

We have officially become so lazy as a society there is an app called Pooper that allows you to summons someone to pick up your dog’s poop.  That’s right. You actually take a photo of the poop, send it over the app and someone is immediately dispatched to pick it up. It’s not cheap though at $15 a scoop. That same amount of money would provide almost an hour long Uber ride.


93-year-old Nurse Retires after 72 Years On The Job

Alice Graber recently celebrated a 72 year career in nursing. She began the final chapter working at Salem Mennonite Home in Freeman, SD where she spent the past 20 years tending to patients. Don’t think for a minute she’s “done” though. She now plans to begin volunteering at the nursing home. Go ask Alice what keeps her going like an Energizer Bunny.