Friday Fun Facts

Chuck E. Cheese Coins Can’t Be Used at The Library

The Peabody Institute Library in Danvers, Mass. has pleaded with the public to stop paying late fees with Chuck E. Cheese tokens. The library posted a Facebook picture of four tokens with a caption stating: “This summer we’ve had a surge of folks attempting to pay fines and printing fees with tokens from Chuck E. Cheese.  Since they are not legal tender, we cannot accept them.”  Sue Kontos, a bookkeeper at the library, said she has counted coins before discovering they were not the proper currency.  This certainly does not make cents.  What value did she assign them?

 Alligator Found In Hotel Pool

A 3-foot-long alligator that was found at an Atlantic City hotel last month was actually part of a rap video filmed there.  Police found the alligator during a raid at the Bayview Inn & Suites.  Animal control workers removed the alligator from the hotel pool and it’s now at a zoo in Cape May County.

 Hawk and Snake Tangle Causing 40 Acre Fire

Investigators discovered that a fast-moving brush fire in Montana was triggered in the most unusual way.  A hawk swooped down to grab a snake for dinner.  During the lift-off struggle, the reptile wiggled while in the clutches of the hawk and hit a power line.  A jolt of electricity shot through the two animals, killing them instantly and triggering a spark that caused a 40 acres brush fire according to the Black Eagle Volunteer Fire Department.