Friday Fun Facts

Settlement Reached in Selfie Taken By Monkey

Attorneys reached a settlement Monday in a lawsuit over who owns the copyright to a selfie photo taken by a monkey.  Under the deal, the owner of the camera will donate 25% of earnings from the image to charities dedicated to protecting animals.  The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals sued on behalf of the monkey.  Lawyers for the camera owner argued that his company, Wildlife Personalities Ltd., owns worldwide commercial rights to the photos, including a now-famous selfie of the monkey’s toothy grin.

Man Drops Ring In Pond During Proposal

Seth Dixon was proposing to Ruth Salas when he ended up swimming in an algae-filled pond to search for a $3,000 diamond ring he dropped during his proposal.  The diamond ring popped out of the box he was holding and fell through the slats of a wooden bridge.  The moment was caught on camera by the couple’s friend, Maddie Villareal. Dixon was seen confidently kneeling down on one knee before dropping to his hands in an attempt to save the ring.

Man Pees On Deputy While Being Arrested

A California man was arrested on drug charges after he was seen loitering and acting strangely in a nature reserve.  Steven Holley, 55, was acting bizarrely in the Miners Ravine Nature Reserve when deputies contacted him.  Upon his arrest, deputies reported Holley struggled with them and urinated on one deputy during the encounter.  Holley was arrested for possession of methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia.