Friday Fun Facts

Missing Florida Dog Found In New York City

A dog that disappeared in Florida last year has been found in New York.  A woman who found the stray dog took it to a rescue group called Bobbi and The Strays, which scanned its microchip and tracked down the dog’s family in West Palm Beach, Florida.  The dog’s owner, Rick Moneck said the news came as quite the shock.  Moneck scoured his neighborhood and put up fliers.  In addition to the chip, the dog named Relay had been wearing a brand new collar with her name and information in brass.

Man Robs Gas Station – Runs Out of Gas While Fleeing

An Indiana man robbed a gas station and took off with food, drinks and cigarettes. He probably should have stolen some gas.  A state trooper arrested 33-year-old Sean Harris on Wednesday after finding him stranded by the side of a two-lane highway and out of gas.  He was arrested just minutes after robbing a gas station by implying he had a gun and took the items.

11 Year Old Lands Job Mowing White House Lawn

An 11-year-old boy landed a great job when President Donald Trump put him to work in the Rose Garden. Frank Giaccio was so focused on mowing the lawn he didn’t even notice when Trump emerged from the White House to check out his work. Frank kept mowing as Trump walked alongside him.  Frank had written to Trump to say he admires the president’s business acumen and runs neighborhood mowing business.  While he normally charges $8 for a mow, he did the White House lawn free of charge.  According to a White House spokeswoman, the boy wrote that it would be his “honor to mow the White House lawn.” He also enclosed a menu of his services, which include weed-whacking.