Friday Fun Facts

Woman Wants Grave Opened to Prove She’s Not In It!

Juana Escudero knows she’s alive. She just can’t prove it without digging up a grave to prove she’s not in it.  Escudero has been unable to renew her driver’s license because various government officers believe she’s dead — the result of a seven-year-old clerical error.  On May 13, 2010, a woman in Malaga was declared dead with the same full name and date of birth.  Earlier this month she filed a petition with Malaga courts to have the grave opened and has offered to do a DNA test – anything – to prove that the woman buried is not her.  She said she has no connection to Malaga.

Freddy Kruger May Be Looking For His Hands

A terrifying Freddy Krueger-like metal glove with six-inch blades at the fingers was anonymously turned into police in England.  The seemingly home-made weapon, which looks eerily like those worn by the serial killer in “A Nightmare on Elm Street,” was dropped off at the Uxbridge police station.

Only In California Would You Find These Weird Laws Enacted

A new bill has been introduced that seeks to prohibit pet stores from selling dogs, cats or rabbits unless the animal is a rescue dog.  Not sure how that’s going to work for the rabbit.  California was the first state to ban single-use plastic bags in 2015.  You can no longer own these pets without a permit: Hamsters, ferrets, gerbils, hedgehogs, parakeets and piranhas.  Foie gras was temporarily reinstated but has once again been halted after proponents said the process of fattening the birds’ livers was cruel and inhumane.