Friday Fun Facts

Man Keeps Dead Mother and Brother At Home For Over a Year

A man spent more than a year living with his deceased mother and twin brother in his house.  He says he didn’t report their death because he was “traumatized”.  Robert James Kuefler was charged last week in White Bear, Minnesota, with interference with a dead body or scene of death, a misdemeanor.  Police were sent to check the welfare of Kuefler after neighbors called about the stench of decay. They found the skeletal remains of Kuefler’s mother Evelyn in an upstairs bedroom, and the mummified corpse of his brother in the basement.  Autopsies on both bodies show a natural cause death.  He even sent out Christmas cards saying his brother and mom were in ill health and requested no visitors or calls.


Three Bears Break In To Pizza Shop – Looking for Goldilocks?

Three bears broke into a pizza shop in Estes Park, Colorado, this week.  They could have been looking for porridge or perhaps Goldilocks.  Finding neither, surveillance video captures the bears preparing a meal of cold pizza dough and salami.  Antonio’s Real New York Pizza shared the video on Facebook. The bears gained entrance to the kitchen by simply ripping the drive-through window out of the wall.  They ate more than 40 pounds of dough and caused about $1,000 in damage.


Hotel From The Shining Reportedly Haunted – For Real!

The Stanley Hotel, made famous by the movie, The Shining may actually be haunted.  Photos from guests at the Colorado hotel, known as the Overlook Hotel in the movie, shows ghosts that were not visible when then photo was snapped.  An 11-member group of guests who took the group photo say there were no young girls in their party, yet one appears in the photo and no one in the photo recalls seeing her there.  Ben Hansen, former FBI agent and host of “Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files,” said a careful analysis of the photo turned up no obvious signs of trickery.  “I really like this photo,” Hansen said. “Assuming that it’s not doctored, it ranks up there as one of the best photos of possible paranormal evidence I’ve seen. Last year the Stanley Hotel made headlines around the world with a photo was snapped in what appeared to be the exact same location.  Count us out.  We won’t be checking in soon for fear we would never check out.