Friday Fun Facts

Man Cited $149 for Singing While Driving

We’ve all done it.  Singing along with a song while driving. Taoufik Moalla was pulled over on Sept. 27 for screaming.  He told the four police officers who pulled him over that he was singing, not screaming.  After checking his license and registration, an officer issued Moalla a $149 ticket for screaming.  The violation cited states “to cause disorder by screaming” violates “peace and tranquility”.  Moalla was singing C+C Music Factory’s song “Gonna Make You Sweat” while he was driving.  Moalla plans to contest the ticket.

Oh, Dear, Oh, Deer – Deer Crashed Window of Salon

Shoppers were left saying, “oh, deer,” when a four-legged deer came smashing through the window of a Missouri hair salon.  The deer was caught on video crashing into Sports Clips Haircuts in Springfield. Perhaps the deer was looking for one of their signature MVP Experiences.  The deer and people inside were unharmed.

Woman Cited For Driving With “Shrek” Make-up

18-year-old, Haylee Mazmanian was pulled over by police while dressed in Shrek make-up (the ogre character) while driving a car.  She had left a make-up class in Corona, Calif. and was pulled over by authorities.  “The cop got startled and asked if I was under the influence and I said no,” said Mazmanian.  “Then he was talking with his partner for about 20 minutes — then gave me a ticket.”  It is unclear what Mazmanian was cited for.