Friday Fun Facts

Crematory Makes A Big Oopsie

Imagine getting the cremains of someone else other than your loved one.  That’s what happened to Kim Goodsell.  When her brother Kevin died in Stockton, California she had his body sent to A Bay Area Crematory to have his body cremated.  When the remains arrived at a mortuary in Utah, they informed Goodsell the remains that arrived were not her brother’s.  The remains were meant for a family in Massapequa, New York.  Clint Love, the owner of the crematory was very apologetic and said this sort of thing hasn’t happened since they have been in business.  Goodsell wants Love to pay for DNA testing on the second set of remains to verify their authenticity.  Oopsie.

Woman Arrested For Riding Horse While Drunk

You can be arrested for riding a horse while drunk.  Donna Byrne, of Lakeland, Fla. was charged with a DUI while riding her horse down a busy Florida highway.  The 53-year-old woman was stopped by Polk County sheriff deputies after a passerby noticed Byrne appeared confused while riding her horse on the road.  Officers did a sobriety test and found her blood alcohol level was .161.  Byrne is charged with DUI and animal neglect for endangering and failing to provide proper protection for the horse.  We think it should be called RUI (Riding Under the Influence)