Bear Can’t Bear the Heat

David Zbaracki has a very big dog. His Newfoundland dog Gipper weighs 125 pounds. When David looked out the window of his home in Duluth, MN and saw a big, black, furry animal in his kiddie pool he assumed it was his dog. It really was a black bear who needed a cool off apparently. Zbaracki of course posted it on Facebook where the photo had over 1100 shares.


Not Ready To Be Hamburger Meat

Two bulls recently escaped from a slaughterhouse in Baltimore. They had a few hours strolling down Pennsylvania Avenue until they were captured at an apartment complex. Maybe the bulls knew what was up. At least they got to do a little sightseeing before meeting their demise.


Speaking Of Hamburgers….Chipotle to Flip Burgers

Chipotle will open its first burger joint this fall in Lancaster, Ohio. It will serve only hamburgers, French fries and milkshakes. Chipotle wants to give some burger joints a run for their money. Their targets are In N’ Out, Shake Shack, Five Guys and The Habit.  Good luck with that Chipotle.


Cops Use Pokemon Go to Lure Fugitives

There are no rules when hunting criminals. The Manchester Police Department in New Hampshire is using Pokemon Go to lure them in. The police posted a list of 500 suspects that invited them to show up and capture a Charizard, a rare Pokemon character. Is this unethical or is it like shooting fish in a barrel?