Friday Fun Facts

Slow Shoppers – Move OVER!

Finally, shoppers in a hurry can get through the mall quickly. Lakeside Centre in Essex, one of the UK’s largest shopping complexes, introduced a fast-lane for shoppers in hurry. The designated path offers a route through busy crowds for those who know where they are going and who don’t have a lot of time. Hopefully, people can save time and reduce incidents of “slow rage”. According to a survey conducted by MasterCard, 2,000 people said slow walking is a grievance for 84% of shoppers.

Slightly Used Casket For Sale

Kyng Major posted an unusual item for sale on his Facebook page. The title say, “This is not a joke” as he attempts to sell a used casket. The November 20th posts admits a casket for sale has had one previous owner and is slightly used. At least he’s honest. The post says, “Anybody need a casket? One owner slightly used been down once for 3 years. Just pulled back up because we decided to go a different route 200$ or best offer”. This may have been the best Black Friday deal of the year. Major is selling the used casket for just $200; now that’s a steal. The question is, what does he mean when he says ‘we decided to go a different route’? It’s a mystery.


Police in Barrington, Ill arrested a woman for using a flamethrower to destroy her own car and then lying to officials about it. Julie Gagne, 47, was charged Wednesday with arson and filing a false police report. Police said she used an X15 Flamethrower to set her vehicle ablaze on November 10. The X15 Flamethrower sells for about $1600 and the pistol tip can send a ball of flames shooting at least 50 feet. Now, that’s a weapon!