Friday Fun Facts

U.S. Postal Service Offers $10,000 for Missing Cremains

The USPS is offering a $10,000 reward after someone stole the cremains of man from the doorstep of his daughter’s Arizona home.  Elyse Brink said a neighbor saw the package early Tuesday but by the time Brink arrived home, the package was gone.  The package should not have been left without a signature according to the Oklahoma City funeral home who shipped the package.  USPS has acknowledged this and says, “Our goal now is to get the word out” says Postal Inspector Dan Grossenbach.

Thirteen Feet Wash Ashore In Canada

Canadian officials are investigating why a human foot has washed ashore for the 13th time since 2007.  Mike Johns said he was walking along the Jordan River Thursday when his dog made found the foot.  The foot was still inside a shoe and “totally intact”. The ankle bone still worked and the bones were attached at the base of the knee.” Photos of the foot showed it inside a sock, within a black shoe. Johns took the foot home before reporting it to authorities.  A coroner official said the foot “could belong to someone from Alaska or Oregon, hundreds of miles away, and may have traveled the distance”.

Stripper’s Boyfriend Sets Strip Club On Fire

A jealous boyfriend set a West Virginia strip club on fire because he was tired of his girlfriend working there as a stripper.  Creio Bishop was arrested Wednesday for setting JB’s Gentlemen’s Club on fire.  Police were tipped off to Bishop by a bystander who called 911 to report the fire and Bishop told him to “leave the fire alone and mind his own business”.  Bishop confessed to police.  The owner of the club said he intended to fire the stripper.  “I hate doing it, but I got to protect my business,” said Jim Reed, the club owner. “He might do this again. It might be worse next time.  It’s stupid. She’s trying to make a living for herself. He’s not doing nothing,” Reed said. “She’s paying the bills, from what I understand.”  Wait!  Is that making a living?