Friday Fun Facts

Best Friends For 60 Years – DNA Determines They Are Brothers!

Alan Robinson and Walter MacFarlane began a friendship 60 years ago as football players in Hawaii. The pair recently discovered they are not just friends, but brothers too! The guys independently took DNA tests searching their ancestry. MacFarlane never knew his father and Robinson was adopted. After submitting their DNA, MacFarlane learned someone else had identical X chromosomes. His username was “Robi737”. Robinson had used the same website to find answers about his own ancestry with the name “Robi737”. The pair quickly learned that have the same birth mother. Both men said it had never crossed their minds that they might be related.

Chocolate To Become Extinct By 2050

The world’s chocolate supply could will melt away within a few decades. The maker of M&M’s, Snickers and Twix fear their demise is imminent. Can you imagine….no chocolate milk, no chocolate Easter bunnies, no chocolate donuts? Rising temperatures from climate change threaten to shrink the slim strip of rainforests around the equator where the cacao trees used to make chocolate thrive. Warnings of chocolate’s future aren’t new. Mars cautioned that consumer demand for cocoa would exceed supply by 2020. Eat up, butter cup!

Glittery Christmas Card Causes Herpes Diagnosis

Doctors who thought a woman was suffering from herpes have found her symptoms were actually a result of glitter from a Christmas card entering her eye. The 49-year-old woman was nearly blinded after complaining of a painful, reddened eye, loss of vision and swollen eyelid when she sought treatment. Doctors first believed it was a lesion on the patient’s cornea caused by a herpes simplex infection. Under closer inspection with a powerful microscope, doctors found a shiny surface inside the lesion. The woman remembered getting glitter in her eye after it rubbed off a Christmas card. The glitter formed into a clump and caused symptoms that mimicked the symptoms of herpes. Another reason why glitter should be banned from earth!