Friday Fun Facts

Man Blows His Throat Out With A Sneeze

A man’s attempt to contain a sneeze put him in hospital for a week after he ruptured his throat.  The 34-year-old man found himself unable to swallow or speak when he held his nose as he sneezed, causing a spontaneous perforation of the pharynx.  It’s an unusual condition that occurs after trauma such as vomiting or heavy coughing.  He had to spend seven days in hospital, being fed through a tube and given antibiotics through an IV drip, as doctors were concerned about complications that could arise.

Snakes On A Bus

A bus driver was forced to stop and call the police after an orange snake was spotted on the back seat by a passenger.  Joanne Searle was alerted to the unusual lost item while driving in Shipley on Saturday.  The driver stopped the bus and the police were called and they came and took it away. The owner was located who said he was taking the reptile to a shop to find out what sex it was.  When he got to the shop he looked in the box and it was empty.


At least one person really doesn’t wanna see Oprah in the White House — and he’s aiming to make some cash on the anti-O movement if she runs in 2020.  The Arizona man applied for the rights to use “NOprah” earlier this month on shirts, jackets, shoes, pants and other garments … presumably to sell.  The guy, only ID’d as Lewis, told TMZ News that he filed for the “NOprah” trademark because he saw a swirl of opposition to a possible run for presidency.  He says enough already with celebs in the Oval.  One last thing … Lewis says us he personally likes Oprah — just not for President.