Friday Fun Facts

Man Breaks Into Waffle House – Cooks His Own Meal

When a South Carolina man had a 3:00am craving for some Waffle House food, he wasn’t going to let anything stop him.  Alex Bowen said he walked over to the West Columbia restaurant because he couldn’t sleep. After seeing no workers on the premises, except one that was sleeping, he entered the kitchen and whipped up a late-night snack.  He documented his adventure with a Facebook video.  “Got hot on the grill with a double Texas bacon cheesesteak melt with extra pickles”.  Bowen took the time to clean the grill afterwards and later returned to pay for the sandwich.  Rather than press charges, Waffle House offered him a job stating in a press release, “He obviously has “some cooking skills.”

Passenger Smears Poop In Plane – No Laws Broken

A United Airlines flight from Chicago to Hong Kong was diverted to Alaska after a passenger allegedly smeared feces in two of lavatories.  The passenger also attempted to flush his shirt down a toilet after spreading his excrement around restrooms of Flight 895.  There were no indications the incident was terror-related according to the FBI.  After interviews with the Anchorage police, “There were no appropriate charges for anything criminal,” said Lt. Gamache of the Anchorage Police Department.

Man Strangled to Death by Pet Python

Dan Brandon owned 10 snakes and 12 tarantulas.  He was killed by his 8 foot pet python called Tiny.  Brandon died of asphyxiation.  After killing Brandon, Tiny went into hiding and the coroner feels that “she was probably shocked by her 31-year-old owner falling to the ground”.  The coroner went on to say, “There were also no bite marks or puncture wounds on Mr. Brandon’s body”.