I said, “Don’t Video Me!”

A dolphin at Seaworld Florida apparently objected to a woman shooting video of him and snatched her iPad from her hand and tossed it in the water.  When she attempted to retrieve it, he splashed her with his tail.  That’s not a small splash.  The dolphin got to keep the iPad as a souvenir.  We assume the lady took home a stuffed dolphin as hers.


Get The Tissues for This One

A flight attendant found a stray dog in Buenos Aires earlier this year on a layover.  After the dog followed her to her hotel she gave him food and water as well as an airline blanket. The dog faithfully waited outside each night until finally she had to go home.  When she returned two months later the dog appeared outside of her hotel, seemingly waiting for her.  This time she took him home to live with her forever.  Awwwww…..


Is the Pokemon Go app Racist?

A study by Urban Institute found that Pokemon “stops” and “gyms” which are necessary to move forward in the game suggests such stops are more likely to be found in affluent or white neighborhoods.  In such neighborhoods an average of 55 portals can be found where neighborhoods comprised of mostly black households have only 19 on average.  Pokemon characters might be found everywhere but not in equal proportions.


Another Awe Moment – More Tissues Needed

Jeni Maenner of Arlington, VA got married on August 6th to Arthur Thomas of New Jersey.  What makes this marriage extra special is that Arthur was the recipient of Jeni’s father’s heart in an organ transplant ten years ago!  When the bride and groom took their first dance, it was also a father-bride moment.