Friday Fun Facts

Couple’s Wedding Held in Courthouse Bathroom

Brian and Maria Schulz were about the get married at the Monmouth County Courthouse when the groom’s mother had an asthma attack.  Police officers administered oxygen in the women’s bathroom and waited for an ambulance.  The couple would need to wait 45 days for a new marriage license to be processed.  A quick thinking officer had a better idea — have the wedding in the courthouse bathroom.  While not the best venue, the couple agreed as did Judge Katie Gummer who performed the ceremony.  The couple later said they were touched that Sheriff’s Officers and the Judge went out of the way to make their day memorable and special.

Dog Gets Unemployment Benefits – $360 Weekly

Michael Ryder was approved for $360 weekly in unemployment benefits from the state of Michigan.  It should be noted that Michael Ryder is a German Shepard owned by attorney Michael Haddock.  A letter was sent to “Michael Ryder” from Michigan’s Unemployment Insurance Agency who says its computer system sent the letter, but the unemployment claim later was flagged as suspicious and denied after previously being approved.  Investigations administrator Tim Kolar wrote in a tongue-in-cheek email that he knows “first-hand it is rare for ‘man’s best friend’ to contribute financially to the household and that will continue in this instance.”

Captain America Clad Emotional Support Duck Flies By Plane

Daniel Turducken Stinkerbutt is a frequent flyer.  Daniel for short, is a 4 1/2-year-old Indian Runner duck and is an emotional support animal of Carla Fitzgerald of Wisconsin.  Fitzgerald says, “Because to me, having an emotional support duck is normal — it’s my new normal.”  Fitzgerald says Daniel communicates with her by walking to his changing table when he needs his Captain America diaper changed and to the refrigerator when he is hungry.  He always wears red shoes and a diaper even when not flying on planes.