Friday Fun Facts

Dog Lost for Ten years Returns Home

A family dog returned home 10 years after becoming lost.  Debra Suierveld mourned the loss of her dog Abby when she ran away from her home in Apollo, Pennsylvania.  Despite being microchipped, they never heard from Abby again until last Saturday when Abby turned up on the front porch of George Spiering, some 10 miles away from her home.  He took her to have her chip read and then got in touch with Debra.  Despite seeming to have been called a different name for a decade, Abby still answers to Abby.

Knocked Out By a Goose!

A hunter was knocked unconscious after being struck by a goose that had been shot by another hunter and fell from the sky.  Robert Meilhammer suffered a “severe head injury” after a goose fell about 90ft to the ground and landed on Meilhammer.  The blow knocked him out and caused head and facial injuries last Friday according to Maryland’s Department of Natural Resources.  Meilhammer was taken by ambulance to Easton Airport, where he was airlifted to Baltimore for treatment.  He is in a stable condition.

Man Tries To “Rescue” Seagull – Seagull Attacks

A man who found an injured seagull on the road and decided to take it home and nurse it back to good health.  Maybe that wasn’t such a great idea.  Robert Tahaufound the bird had a broken wing.  He took it with him in his car to work at a nearby quarry.  During the car ride, things started going quite wrong. The stricken bird was confused about the car ride and repeatedly pecked Robert’s face.  After work he took the seagull home with a planned vet visit the next day.  Robert left the bird with a blanket and some wet bread. In the morning Robert checked on the bird who sadly did not make it through the night.  Robert buried the bird with a proper ceremony in his backyard.