Friday Fun Facts

7.2 million Pounds of Trash After Mardi Gras

The colorful beaded necklaces of the Mardi Gras celebration have left the city with a big mess. 7.2 million pounds of trash was pulled from clogged catch basins along a five-block stretch of the downtown parade route and 93,000 pounds was from beads alone.

Olympic Size Mistake At Olympics

Tore Ovrebo, chef for the Norwegian Olympics team ordered eggs for his delegation of 121 people.  Instead of receiving 1500 eggs, he received 15,000 eggs!  That amounts to 124 eggs per person. Chef plans to serve  egg sandwiches, bacon and eggs, egg salad, scrambled eggs, boiled eggs, fried eggs, eggs on toast and of course omelets.  Turns out there are just as many ways to cook eggs as Bubba Gump’s cooks shrimp.

You Still Can’t Pump Your Own Gas in New Jersey

New Jersey is officially the last place in the United States where you aren’t allowed to pump your own gas based on law implemented in 1949.  New Jersey residents feel that a repeal of the law would help lower the cost of gas at the pump.  Supporters of the law fear that abolishing the law would cause an “emotional toll” on motorists who would have to learn how to handle the gas pump on their own.  This might really be an issue since Oregon started pumping their own gas on January 1st and have reported having “issues” on social media.  Really?  It’s not that difficult folks.  Come on New Jersey… can do it!