Friday Fun Facts

Cemetery Grave Digger Accidently Buried

A New Jersey cemetery employee almost buried himself while digging a grave at Hanover Cemetery in East Hanover, NJ. Peter Ferencze, 59, was digging a grave this past Tuesday when he became trapped inside the grave he was digging. An 800-pound concrete burial vault cover “fell in” the grave trapping Ferencze at the bottom of the open grave. Public safety officials rushed to the grave to dig him out and used straps to manually lift the vault cover high enough to free Ferencze. He was treated at the scene and released the same day from a hospital.

ATM Machine Delivers Jackpot Payout – $14,120

Christina C. Ochoa hit the jackpot when she made a withdrawal from an ATM machine in Wichita. The machine normally spits out $5 bills but in mid-January the machine was spitting out $100 bills instead of $5 dollar bills.  Upon discovering this, Ochoa made more than 50 withdrawals in five days.  She was able to collect $14,120. The bank wants their money back and has sued Ochoa and her mother who drove her to the ATM each time.  After the ATM’s issue was acknowledged by the bank, they told Christina to give back the extra money and she “wholly refused to do so,” according to court documents. Central National Bank is trying to seize two cars that the Ochoas bought while the ATM was malfunctioning, alleging that the $3,000 down payment for one of them “was made up entirely of one hundred dollar bills,” according to the lawsuit.

Former NFL Star Tim Tebow Suffers Freak Accident on Baseball Field

Tim Tebow, the 30-year-old former NFL player and newest team member of the New York Mets baseball team was injured in a freak accident. Tebow’s foot got caught on a sprinkler head in the outfield of the Mets spring training facility in Port St. Lucie while training this past week. Tebow arrived in Florida for training last week and sprained his ankle on Monday after stepping on a sprinkler head.  The Mets announced last month that Tebow was one of nine additional players invited to its spring training. The former Heisman Trophy winner is preparing for his second professional baseball season.