Friday Fun Facts

Uber Driver Takes The Stairs – Says GPS Directed

A California Uber driver took a flight of stairs with his car on Sunday and claimed the navigation system in Uber’s ride-sharing app told him to do so. The driver had two passengers onboard in San Francisco as he was on his way to pick up a third one when he made a wrong turn. With less than one year of driving experience, the driver told news reporters that Uber’s navigation system instructed him to go down the stairs. A tow truck driver attempted to remove the Toyota Camry from the stairs but the cable connecting the car to the tow truck snapped, leaving the car to slide forward into a city trash can. No one was injured in the incident.

Empty Casket Wasn’t Really Empty!

The 2,500 year old casket was bequeathed to the University of Sydney around 1850 when it was brought in from Egypt. For decades it sat in the Nicholson Museum’s education room and was assumed empty. Recently the casket’s lid was opened and inside were the remains of a mummy identified by the ghosted hieroglyphs on the casket. Academics believe she was a high priestess in 600BC. The remains inside included ankles, feet and toes consistent with a person was at least 30 years old.”

Alabama Sheriff Uses $740,000 to Buy New Home – It’s Legal!

Etowah County Sheriff Todd Entrekin legally used more than $750,000 of funds meant to feed inmates to purchase a beach house. Entrekin said he followed a state law passed before World War II that allows sheriffs to keep “excess” inmate-feeding funds for themselves. It took Entrekin three years to save up the money by scraping off an average of $250,000 per year. The sheriff’s annual salary is about $93,000. He and his wife used the tax funds to purchase a four-bedroom house with an in-ground pool and canal access in September for $740,000. The home and property has an assessed value of more than $1.7 million.