Graham Cracker Curb Sex Drive

According to Food Beast, graham crackers were originally invented to curb “overly energetic sex appetites”.  Sylvester Graham, a minister in the 19th century preached that alcohol, meat and fatty foods lead to lust and urges. He began serving up bland tasting crackers which became known as Graham Crackers.  Nabisco has since sweetened them up with honey, sugar and cinnamon and other flavors.  Seems we are back to square one.


Getting A Leg Up

When Elliott Fuller and Jason Franklin stumbled upon a leg sticking up out of a creek while traveling through Wisconsin they thought they found a whole body.  Upon closer inspection it was a prosthetic leg.  They took the leg and eventually found its owner through Craigslist.  Mark Warner had been fishing nearby when his canoe tipped over and he lost his leg.  Warner and his leg were reunited.


12-Year Old Girl Raises $16,000 for Charity

When then 6 year-old Jaelyn Sagen saw a homeless man, she decided he needed a house.  Jaelyn set up a lemonade stand to “buy that man a house”.  Since then, Jaelyn, now 12 has donated $16,000 to We Care of Los Alamitos to help homeless people.  Go Jaelyn!


After 63 Years of Marriage – Couple Pass Away Together

Henry & Jeanette DeLange were married in 1953 after meeting at a skating rink in Sioux Falls.  Jeanette was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and Henry had to put her in a nursing home while he battled prostate cancer.  In July, Henry rejoined his wife as he also took up residence in the nursing home.  A few days later, Jeanette passed away at 5:00pm and Henry passed away at 5:20pm.  This might not be a “fun fact” but certainly touches the heart.