Friday Fun Facts

Red Flashing Lights On School Bus Apply To Superintendent

We all know that it is illegal to pass a school bus when the red lights on the bus are flashing. However, Brevard Public Schools Superintendent,  Desmond Blackburn displayed flagrant disregard while driving his district-issued SUV. He was stopped by police running a bus safety campaign and given a warning. Police had increased patrols around school buses as part of “Operation BUSted.” Blackburn took his lumps in the media and acknowledged he was one of the drivers who needed a reminder and thanked police for their work.

Pizza Delivery Driver’s Customer Service Was On Fire

Ralph Letner, a pizza delivery driver for Donatos Pizza was delivering pizza Sunday night to a Somerset mobile home park when he saw his customer’s home was on fire. Letner ran inside, shut off the breaker and found homeowner Jesse Decker trying to put out flames. Letner got down on his hands and knees because the smoke was so thick and made his way back to the kitchen and got Decker outside.  We assume there was a good tip involved and the two of them shared the pizza.

Man Kicks Moose – Moose Fights Back

A man decided to kick a moose in an area just north of Anchorage. The moose promptly stomped the man’s foot in return.  The man escaped any major injuries in the encounter with the moose and her calf last Thursday. State Fish and Game spokesman Ken Marsh said, “It sounds like the guy was trying to go through moose walking on a trail. That’s never a good idea.” “I am not a biologist, but as a lifelong Alaskan I would advise people not to go around kicking moose,” said Megan Peters, spokesperson for the Alaska Troopers. South-central Alaska has seen a number of violent incidents involving moose this spring, including a man who had a moose swipe at him with its hoof while feeding it and a cocker spaniel attacked by a moose in an Anchorage yard.