Friday Fun Facts

Dash Cams Don’t Lie!

Xavier Moran, age 25, was involved in a crash in Florida on April 5th.  He told a sheriff’s deputy that he had been cut off by another driver and could prove it with his dashboard camera. He then signed a consent waiver to search the camera.  When the Palm Beach County deputy reviewed the footage, he saw Moran burglarizing a beauty store by using a baseball bat to break the glass door to the store. He was arrested on burglary charges.

Obituary Leads To Arrest

Federal agents from the U.S. Marshals Service read the obituaries regularly.  A woman’s obituary led agents capture her fugitive son nearly four decades after he escaped from prison.  58-year-old Stephen Michael Paris was arrested last Thursday at an office in Houston where he worked under a fake name. The obituary for his mother listed a son named Stephen Chavez, the same fake name Paris was using while living in Houston. Fingerprints confirmed his true identity.  Paris escaped from jail in October 1981 while serving a nine-year sentence for drug possession and distribution.

Family Donates Bus to Admirer

Kyle Cropsey of Lindenhurst, New York was merely 16-years-old when he slipped a note inside the window of a blue 1971 Volkswagen bus.  Cropsey called it, “his future car.”  Last week, Cropsey received a call from Cris Mead, of Oakland. He told Cropsey he was cleaning it out the bus after his father’s death when he came across Cropsey’s note tucked in the VW’s log book.  Mead’s father, Cornelius, had purchased the van new and named it Matilda, taking his family on cross-country trips. Mead said the family decided to give Cropsey the van, on the condition he update them on its restoration and “go on plenty of adventures.”  Cropsey is now 23 and teaches English.  He says, “it was fate.”