Friday Fun Facts

Police Stop Elderly Woman with Dead Body in Cart

Chicago Police were sent to check on the welfare of an elderly woman and got quite a surprise. They found the unidentified woman pushing a shopping cart with another woman’s dead body inside. The deceased woman’s remains are pending identification as well as a cause of death. Sometimes you just don’t want to say goodbye.

New York Issues License to Speed

New York Mets legend Keith Hernandez has a license to speed. Or, so it would appear. The former first baseman and current Mets broadcaster told listeners on WFAN radio that he is essentially permitted to speed home after work. Hernandez said, “To be quite honest with you, the Suffolk County police who patrol the Long Island lie.  They know my car and I’ve been known to go 80 all the way home, which means I get home in an hour and 10 minutes”. The estimated drive time from Citi Field in Queens to Hernandez’s home in Sag Harbor should take about two hours to drive.

Teen Golfer Attacked by Goose

By now you have probably seen a photo that went viral of a very large goose attacking Devon Gilson-Pitts while the teen played golf. Gilson-Pitts was playing in a Michigan high school tournament when he was viciously attacked by a territorial goose.  Blissfield High School posted a series of photos on their Twitter account. Gilson-Pitts said only his pride was injured.  He went on to say, “At no point in my life, I never thought golf would be fun or exciting till yesterday”. Many people think that golf is a boring game.  Apparently they are not playing in Michigan.