Friday Fun Facts

Drive-Thru Funerals – It’s The Newest Thing

A funeral home in Japan is now offering a chance to pay final respects to a loved one from the comfort of their cars. Mourners can register their names on a touchscreen tablet device, a process relayed to screens inside the venue for the grieving funeral host to watch. Funeral Director, Masao Ogiwara says “We want as many people as possible to be able to come to say farewell to their friends or neighbors.” Drive-through funerals are the latest in a series of Japanese innovations attempting to win a slice of the competitive 1.76-trillion-yen (AU$16 billion) funeral business.

Uber Driver Gets $140,000 Tip!

You’ve heard about stars tipping their limo drivers obscene amounts of money but never heard of an Uber driver getting a $140,000 tip. A Colorado Uber driver was given a scratch-off lottery ticket from one of his passengers that led to his winning $140,000. The Uber driver, identified as Lakewood, Colorado resident James P., said a passenger gave him a $5 Super Special Ultimate Bingo Scratch ticket as a tip. That ticket was a $30 winner which he used to buy six more scratch-off tickets that won successive small amount used to buy more tickets. He said the first win led to a streak that culminated in a Super Special Ultimate Bingo Scratch ticket winning him a $140,000 top prize on Wednesday.

Wedding Guests Served McDonalds Cheeseburgers

Some wedding receptions have lavish, fancy food. Andrew and Nancy Tadrosse served their guests 300 McDonald’s cheeseburgers. Wedding revelers, including the bride were captured on video eating cheeseburgers while they danced the night away. The couple said the McDonald’s order was a surprise to guests, who had earlier been treated to a more standard wedding reception meal. The couple sent their wedding planner to pick up the burgers in a van.