Friday Fun Facts

Stories From Uber Drivers

There is no doubt that driving for Uber must be interesting with the variety of people drivers meet.  Some of the most bizarre requests reported by Uber drivers include an offer to provide a sexual favor as a tip since a female passenger had no cash, requests for specific music, a scavenger hunt that included obtaining a kiss from an Uber driver and four elderly ladies wanting their driver to smoke weed, drink Fireball and go skinny-dipping with them. They get to see a lot of weird things like a popular NFL player dressed in a Hello Kitty onesie and a drunk man who passed out and had to be taken to a police station because he wouldn’t wake up.


9-Year Old Girl Steals Parents Car

Officers responding to a 911 call of a reckless driver and quickly located a car zig-zagging down a Des Moines street and watched it crash before their eyes. The officers assumed it was someone who got drunk a little early on a Monday morning since it was 8:30am. They were stunned to find a 9-year-old girl at the wheel with a 7-year-old child riding in the passenger seat. Officers attempted to pull the vehicle over but the girl didn’t stop until she crashed. Neither of the children were hurt. Sgt. Paul Parizek says the children just wanted to go for a ride with no destination.


Cheating Lovers Found Dead

A married woman and her mechanic lover were overcome by apparent carbon monoxide poisoning while having car sex in an apartment parking garage. Kahali Johnson found his wife and a mechanic dead in a parking on Monday night in Newark, N.J.  Johnson said he arrived at his apartment and smelled a strong odor in his home. He said an alarm went off and he began investigating the smell to the garage where he found his wife, the mechanic and a running car.