Friday Fun Facts

Death-Themed Café Allows Patrons a Casket Experience

A death-themed cafe is offering customers a unique experience of lying in a casket while reading the menu and placing orders.  “Our main goal is to convey the Buddha philosophy based on the teaching that having an awareness of death decreases greed and anger,” says Veeranut Rojanaprapa, the owner of Kid Mai Death Awareness Café in Bangkok. The taste of death for customers who lay down in the casket sees them come out as better human beings with inner calm and less greed and anger.
With drinks named “birth”, “death”, “old age” and “suffering”, the cafe opened in January with a white casket – surrounded by floral scepters and chairs creating a wake-like environment – as its main attraction.  Um, okay.

Passenger Needed Fresh Air – Deployed Emergency Exit

An airline passenger who opened an emergency exit on a plane because he thought the cabin was “too stuffy and hot”, has been fined.  The man, identified only by the surname Chen, was detained for 15 days following the incident at Nanjiao Airport southwest China.  The plane had landed, when the 25-year-old claimed he needed some fresh air and lifted the latch on the plane’s emergency exit, causing the door to fall off and activating the evacuation slide.

Brinks Armored Car Drops $600,000

It appeared to be raining money on Interstate 70 in Indiana after a Brinks Truck began spilling money as it traveled down the highway.  People were stuffing their pockets with cash as loose bills were flying all over the interstate and people stopped their vehicles to load up.  Police are looking for a school bus driver and four individuals in a white pickup who took an entire bag of money.  The Brinks drivers said they do not know if the back door had opened from a malfunction or human error.  Police are asking that anyone who took the money from the scene to return it. Indiana State Police can be reached at 317-899-8577.  We hear nothing but crickets.  Good luck finding a “white pickup” in Indiana.