Friday Fun Facts

YouTube Star Leaves Waitress $10,000 Tip for Waters

Mr. Beast, famous YouTube star with almost 9 million subscribers, orders two glasses of water at Sup Dogs and leaves $10K tip for the waitress. The YouTube Star made the day of the waitress on Saturday when he gave away $10,000 in cash after ordering two glasses of water and taking a few sips. Jimmy Donaldson aka Mr. Beast left a note that said: “Thanks for the delicious water.” The waitress, who is a student at East Carolina University, thought everything was a prank. She was so shocked that she didn’t even realize that two men were capturing her expression on camera. The famous YouTuber, Mr. Beast, is known for his bizarre videos and for donating money to unsuspecting strangers and surprising their reactions on camera. As for the money, the waitress is taking a part of it and splitting the rest with her coworkers.

Students Banned Inappropriate Halloween Costumes

Kent Student Union banned inappropriate Halloween costumes. Students have been given strict guidelines that tell them what not to wear this Halloween. Banned outfits include Nazi uniforms, the Crusades, Priests, Nuns, Cowboys, Native Americans, Tory boys, Israeli soldiers, The Prophet Mohammed, Jimmy Savile, Harvey Weinstein and dressing up as a gender or sexuality they don’t identify with. Accepted costumes include aliens, cavemen, ancient Greeks, Romans, doctors, nurses. The union said they empower students to be creative, but at the same time, they want to ensure all students feel safe and welcome. Students are free to engage in fancy dress as long as they don’t promote an unsafe and exclusive atmosphere.

Virginia Man Allegedly Stole 7 Right Shoes

A shoe store in Virginia has had 20 right-foot shoes stolen this year. Roanoke County police arrested 21-year-old Manuel Carlos Ramirez-Godoy in Sunday’s housebreaking of Clean Soles, seizing 7 right foot shoes and a sweatshirt printed with an ironic message – Call My Lawyer. Court information present Ramirez-Godoy is charged with theft, destruction of property, and different counts. Despite the instructions in the sweatshirt, it’s unclear whether the man has a lawyer.