Friday Fun Facts

Bounce House Flies Away With Child Inside

A bounce house was swept away by a gust of wind last Saturday. A 9-year-old child was inside. The bounce house landed on a nearby highway in Southern California and slammed into a vehicle. The child was obviously well cushioned and suffered only minor injuries. Deputies said the driver of the vehicle that was hit was “shook up from the ordeal” but otherwise wasn’t hurt in the incident on State Highway 395 in Adelanto, according to the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department

Roommate Killed For Talking During TV Show

Dymund Ellis was really into her TV show. Her roommate, Jace Trevon Ernst was talking during the May 4th show. Ellis told her roommate to “shut up” and Ernst replied, “Shut up, [expletive].” Ellis then went to the kitchen and retrieved a knife and dared Ernst to “Call me a [expletive] again”. He did and Ellis stabbed him. Ernst was transported to University Medical Center – Las Vegas where he was pronounced dead. Ellis was arrested for murder with a deadly weapon. It is not known which television show Ellis was watching. Ellis told police she has anger problems and she just got extremely upset. Ya think?

Chocolate Covered Highway – Not a Willy Wonka Movie

A Polish highway was shut down on Wednesday when a tanker truck full of liquid chocolate crashed and spilled its contents across the road.  Cleanup efforts on the highway were hampered because the chocolate was quickly cooling and hardening across all six lanes. The clean-up crew had to ship in hot water to melt the chocolate and wash it away. Roads paved with chocolate would make Willy Wonka proud.