Friday Fun Facts

Oops – Wrong Body Given to Family

A wife has told police a body she thought was that of her missing husband belonged to a stranger after her spouse turned up a year after he was reported as a Missing Person. Police initially handed over the body to the wife after she made “positive” identification after reporting her husband missing three days earlier. Police acknowledged Wednesday that the body found in a river in June 2017 was that of another man reported missing at about the same time. The family notified police that the missing husband came home alive last month. Police refused to say where he was or what he was doing. The Tokyo metropolitan police said they regret the mistake and promise to take preventive measures.


Man Gets Naked On Plane

A passenger flying from Seattle to Anchorage on an Alaska Airlines flight decided to get naked and run up and down the aisle. Passenger Nick Steffl says the man had been seated two rows in front of him near the back of the plane before ditching his clothes and running to the cockpit door. Once at the front of the plane, the man turned and ran back to the rear of the plane.  Steffl says he stood up and slapped the man in the face. Another passenger pinned the man’s arms and restrained him until the flight landed 45 minutes later. Um, talk about an uncomfortable 45 minutes…..


Sheriff Fires Deputy Who Beat Him in Election

A bitter South Dakota Sheriff fired one of his deputies exactly one minute after the polls closed last week. Deputy Mark Maggs defeated Bon Homme County Sheriff Lenny Gramkow with a vote of 878-331. Maggs used social media to share this message from the Sheriff: “As of this moment you are no longer an employee of Bon Homme County,” Either way, Maggs will become the Sheriff in January 2019 but for now, he is an unemployed father of four with no insurance or income. Talk about a spoiled brat Sheriff!