Friday Fun Facts

Montana Funeral Home Found Liable

A Montana mortuary must pay a woman $50,000 after her husband was cremated against his wishes. A jury found a funeral director in Conrad, MT was negligent in his decision to cremate a man. Enid Yeager told jurors that mortuary staff pushed her toward cremation because a larger casket size would be needed to bury her husband. Attorneys for the funeral home said the director simply recommended Robert Yeager be cremated. Enid Yeager signed off on having him cremated so jurors found both the mortuary and Enid Yeager partially liable. She originally sued for $1 million in damages.


Uber Probably Would Have Been a Better Option

A sheriff’s deputy stopped Daryl Reidel on suspicion of drunk driving. After the initial stop, Riedel fled in his pickup truck as Deputy Anthony Lopez stepped out of his patrol car. Riedel drove for a short distance before stopping again and getting out of his truck, beer can in hand and chugging it. Riedel has three prior DUI convictions, a fourth is pending from 2017 and now he has new charges of felony DUI, fleeing from a deputy, driving with a suspended license and failure to submit a breath test. Uber might have been a better option.


Astronomical Odds – Sisters Have Babies at The Same Time – TWICE!

Sisters Mara Meighan and Jennifer Solis have always enjoyed doing things together, like having babies at the same time – TWICE!  The sisters went into labor on the same day last week and gave birth at nearly the same time At Piedmont Columbus Regional Hospital. The hospital says the sisters had their first children around the same time nine years ago. Mara gave birth to a girl named Ana Grace, while Jennifer delivered a boy named Marco.