Friday Fun Facts

Man Mistakenly Released from Jail, Brought Back by Wife 2 Hours Later

38-year-old James Rynerson from Colorado, imprisoned for menacing, disorderly conduct and trespass charges, was accidentally released from prison after guards mixed him up with another inmate, Marvin March. Rynerson said nothing when he was given March’s paperwork to sign, as well as his clothes, leather jacket and debit card, and no one checked his wristband as he left. Guards realized the error only when March approached a deputy to ask him when he would be released. Rynerson thought that the event was a stroke of good fortune and he went home to his wife. He was surprised to discover that his wife did not share the same happiness as him. She was shocked to see her husband in the garage, and when he told her how he had left jail, she had him back right behind bars in less than two hours. Now, in addition to the accusations listed before, James Rynerson faces a number of new charges, including escape, theft, forgery and criminal impersonation.


New York State Firefighters Finish Delivery for Pizza Driver After Car Crash

According to a Henrietta Fire District Facebook posts, firefighters responded Saturday afternoon to a crash involving a vehicle on its way to make a pizza delivery. The driver was injured, but once he was cared for, the firefighters decided to go beyond the call of duty and finished the delivery themselves so the delicious pizza wouldn’t go to waste. When the rescue workers arrived at the home of the man who ordered the pizza, they took some photos and published them on Facebook.


12-Year-Old Boy Calls Police on His Parents After They Made Him Eat Salad

Little ones have always been notorious for not wanting to eat their veggies despite their parents’ efforts. But this 12-year-old boy from Halifax, Nova Scotia, hates salad with all his heart as he called 911 on his own parents because they tried to convince him to eat his vegetables salad. The officers decided to send their representatives to his house just to teach the little one when it is, and when it is not appropriate to call 911. Since the police did not respond to the boy’s emergency on time, the kid called 911 again just to let them know how much he hates salad. Soon after the second call, the police officers arrived at the kid’s house not to scold the surprised parents, but to teach the little boy about the correct way to use 911. Police officers didn’t fine the kid, but they raise awareness for proper use of the emergency line: “The improper use of 911 is an issue with all age groups and it ties up valuable resources, preventing emergency first responders from dealing with real emergencies.” Details about what made the salad so repulsive to the boy are still unknown.