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Friday Fun Facts

In December 2018 the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported:

Men Die At Work 10 Times More than Women
In 2017 4,761 men had died on the job compared to 386 women. In statistical terms, the work fatality rate for men was about 10 times that of women. A major disparity is the difference in work environments. Women generally work indoors while men are likely to be working outside with potentially hazardous equipment.

Most Dangerous Jobs for Men
Commercial fishermen, loggers, aircraft pilots and roofers. The report indicated that roofing related jobs are especially dangerous. Since 1992, falls from roofs have accounted for one-third of all deaths in the construction industry, and three-quarters of all fall deaths.

Safest Jobs for Women
Librarians, teachers, scientific workers, and nurses

Traveling To/From Work
American workers spend an average of 1 hour 6 minutes driving their vehicles to and from work, lunch and business errands. For those who catch a ride in a private vehicle, they spend an average of 7 minutes in a passenger seat traveling to or from work. Of those using public transportation, the average commute is 8 minutes in a public transit vehicle.

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