Friday Fun Facts – Eggstra Special Edition – Easter Facts & Stats

How Much Did We Spend?

You know we love to track stats of American holidays and the money we spent. On average, we spent $152 each for those who celebrate the holiday. Collectively, we spent $13.36 billion on Peeps, eggs, egg dye, baskets, chocolate bunnies, plastic eggs – eggscetera.

How Did We Spend It?

We spend 2.58 billion on candy. We spent $2.9 billion on new Easter clothes. Presumably because we don’t fit in last year’s clothes. And, we ate. $5.80 billion to be eggsact. 77% of all parents bought their kids an Easter basket.

Eggsactly How Many Eggs?

During the month of March, American’s bought 2.6 billion real chicken eggs. 49% of all American households dyed eggs for Easter. 34.8% of American kids participated in an Easter egg hunt.

More About Easter Eggs

The world’s largest chocolate Easter egg weighted in at 15,873 pounds. That’s about the weight of an elephant. The egg was 64 feet 3.65 inches wide at the middle of the egg. It was made in Italy in 2011. The largest hunt had 501,000 eggs for 9,753 kids in Haven, FL in 2007.

Celebrating Easter With A Peepza – A pizza with Peeps!

Austin Braun Tweeted a photo of a pizza topped with yellow and blue marshmallow peeps. This seems fairly disgusting to us. However, people are buying them. Peeps, sugary marshmallow treats only make appearances during the Easter season. That’s probably a bonus as we would not want this to become a trend.