Friday Fun Facts – Special Edition

The American Flag is the most recognized symbol of the United States

The 4th of July is the birthday of America.  Here are some Fun Facts about the American Flag.

The American Flag Code

The display and handling of our flag is dictated by the United States Flag Code. The code was adopted in 1923 to keep the display of our flag orderly and set standards for flying what we commonly refer to as “OId Glory”.

Hanging It Vertically

If you hang a flag vertically on a wall, window or door, the stars should always be on the left side when viewed.

The Union

The part of the flag that is solid blue and filled with the fifty stars that represent each of our states is called the union of the flag.

Raising & Lowering

When the flag is raised to the top of the flag pole, it should be done briskly.  When lowering the flag, it should be lowered slowly and ceremoniously.

Inclement Weather

The flag should not be flown during inclement weather.  It should be taken down at the first sign of rain.

Higher Than All Others

No flag should ever be hung above the American Flag on the same hoisting line or on any adjacent pole or to the right of our flag.