Funeral Industry Facts

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Funeral Industry Facts

There is a small cemetery located between two parking lots of the Plantation Place Apartments on Ellis Drive in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.
Flowers placed on a grave were originally placed to promote good will with the spirit of the deceased.
The tradition of playing loud music at an Irish wake originated with the belief that it would ward off evil spirits. The wake also presented an opportunity to watch over the deceased to see if he/she would awaken.
Approximately 6,400 burials are conducted annually at Arlington National Cemetery, which is an average of about 28 burials performed each day.
A casket is a rectangular box with a lid. A coffin is a six-sided box, wider at the shoulders and narrower at the feet. Caskets are more commonly used in the United States than coffins.
Breaking News (08/30/19)
Ground-penetrating radar has detected what appears to be more than 120 coffins under an apartment complex in Tampa. The 2½-acre burial ground, was established in 1901. It disappeared nearly a century ago when the land was parceled off for developments. The radar confirmed that Zion Cemetery is still there under ground that today is the Robles Park Village public housing complex owned by the Tampa Bay Housing Authority.

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