Industry Trends: 5 Ways to Use Your Website to Generate Revenue

Industry TrendsTo stay competitive, you need to pay attention to industry trends. By tapping into the following trends, you can monetize your website.

Omni Channel and Mobility

Although large volumes of content work better on desktop computers, you want to focus on mobile first.

  • Be prepared for all channels. By looking at analytics, you will see traffic coming from a variety of avenues. Watching the spread will help you develop a strategy that is flexible enough to accommodate additional devices in the future. If you are focused on just one technology, demographic, or content, your profits will suffer when a new device reaches popularity.
  • Mobile is the future. Make sure your website is accessible on all mobile devices by using a responsive design, template, or theme.
  • Content must be easily consumable on mobile devices. Regardless of the mobile device, long pages will load slowly and be difficult to read. Check that pages, images, and videos load quickly on mobile devices.

Wearable Technology

Wearable technology is hot. The Apple Watch requires iPhone apps to work and will not surf the Internet. However, with Google Glass, as well as other wearable devices in the works, it is imperative to have your site prepared by following the steps mentioned above. It is vital to have content properly formatted with shorter text, smaller images, and lower resolution by considering an adaptive web design.

As a site owner, you have obstacles to overcome when monetizing. The web is very much alive, but you can expect to face challenges. For instance, applications are taking over a large portion of the market share, so you should consider adding an app to your web monetization strategy.

Ad Practice Changes

Display advertising is a part of the future. Instead of ineffective autoplay video and banner ads, companies are focusing on mobile video ads. In addition, YouTube is getting a lot of competition from Facebook when it comes to far-reaching ads, but this is not the only social media site to move toward video.

Moving to Brands and Content Marketing

For a long time, SEO was the most critical marketing strategy; today, more focus is on content that is of high quality and brand creation. To rank higher in search results, focus on these two things. Make your site the online face of your brand.

Getting Assistance

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