Loren needs a kidney

Hello friends and clients:

Loren Kiblinger is a Customer Relationship Manager for Chosen Payments.  She may have helped you with a chargeback or processing issue in the past.

Loren was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease, the cause of which remains unclear. Since the initial diagnosis, her kidney function has continued to deteriorate, to a point where her kidneys can no longer adequately support her body. This is known as kidney failure (End-Stage-Renal-Disease) and there are only two available treatment options (1) kidney transplant, or (2) spend the rest of her life on dialysis. A transplant will offer Loren the best long term outcome and quality of life.

Unfortunately, the average wait time for a deceased donor organ in our region is 8-11 years. And while many of us thought we were already doing our part by registering to be organ donors at the DMV or on the national website, the national organ shortage cannot rely on deceased donation alone, as there are more people in need of a kidney donor and not enough deceased donors to go around.

Through a living donation, a healthy living person such as you can donate one of their kidneys, and still live a happy and healthy life. Kidneys transplanted from living donors also offer a number of superior benefits to the recipient, from greater success rates to nearly double the years of function!

Living donation could also allow Loren to avoid dialysis which in turn will greatly improve her long term health and quality of life. Living donors not only help those in need get a healthy living organ; they also prevent those in need from getting sicker or die while they wait for a deceased organ donor.

Unfortunately, we have been unable to find a match within our pool of family and friends. However, we as a team at Chosen Payments are determined to expand Loren’s circle of influence by increasing awareness and find that someone who might be willing to consider being a living donor for her. By sharing this information we hope to increase people’s awareness and find someone who might be willing to consider being a living donor for Loren.

There is no cost to you!  The surgery is minimally invasive, completed in just two hours and hospital discharge is usually 24 to 48 hours. You have the ability to make a huge difference in Loren’s life while continuing to live a full and complete life yourself.  If you think you would be interested in being a Living Donor for Loren, please contact Jim Luff at 855-4CHOSEN who will put you in touch with a transplant coordinator to help determine if you are a match.