Market Your Business Like a Rock Star

Marketing and business development have evolved. The old campaigns, the boilerplate proposals and the networking that used to work a decade ago won’t work in today’s business environment.

Digital Overload

Decision-makers are experiencing digital overload in a marketplace that is hyper-charged beyond anything we have ever imagined. Each day, all of us are inundated with emails soliciting our business and trying to sell us something we may or may not need. If the message doesn’t arrive in the form of an email, it will hit us on social media. We all have seen targeted ads on our social media newsfeed. If you look up the price of a new refrigerator online at the Home Depot website, you’re likely to get served ads for refrigerators from Lowe’s in the middle of your Facebook newsfeed very soon. It is impossible to escape digital marketing. Email addresses are the love of every marketer. What does this all mean to you? It means, whatever you send out to solicit business must be better than all the rest. It must stand out and leave a lasting impression or at least an impression that draws them in. It must harness the reader’s attention.

Be Seen

You can have the best brand in the market, be the most experienced in what you do and have an awesome reputation. But, if no one sees you or hears about you, your marketing efforts are wasted. Visible leadership is what will make your business stand out and shine. While networking is still an important component of marketing, being the featured speaker at a networking event will produce even more opportunities because you are viewed as an expert in what you do as opposed to another face in the crowd. Seek out opportunities to showcase your leadership skills as well as your business.

Become a Rock Star

Whether you are speaking at an industry convention in front of your peers or in front of your local Chamber of Commerce members, make yourself visible. Share the message about your company like a rock star. Make your own videos. Create your own podcasts. Get that spotlight pointed in your direction and share information with anyone who will listen as you tell your story from an expert point of view. Offer to share your knowledge on any given subject you feel comfortable with.

Harnessing Your Inner Rock Star

Once you begin building a name for yourself as the expert, your emails and phone calls become more valuable to potential clients. They will perceive you as someone they “know”. You can uses phrases like, “As seen on Channel 7 News” or use email subject lines such as, “What you missed” and recap your presentation as an expert with so much credibility behind you simply because you were a featured speaker.

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