Mining for Marketing Data

In this continued pandemic, keeping in touch with your customers is going to be very important. With many brick and mortar businesses being closed by mandates, you have less opportunity to interact with your customers, show them new products or even create impulse buy zones such as displays placed near the Point-of-Sale.

Email, social media and automated text messaging is the best method for keeping in touch with existing customers as well as developing new customers. To accomplish this, being armed with customer data is going to be paramount to your success. The key data to collect will be email addresses and cell phone numbers that can be used to stay in frequent contact with your customers.

Keeping in contact with your customers serves many purposes. First and foremost is maintaining top of mind awareness with your customer. You don’t want them to forget about you. As many people have elected or forced to work from home, they have less exposure to places they frequented before the pandemic began in March of 2020. Sending electronic messages regularly keeps the relationship going.

Deeper data dives and unpacking, such as examining the past purchases of your customers, their birthdates, anniversaries and other personal data will help you prepare targeted marketing campaigns that will motivate customers to continue making purchases from you based on key data points.

Text messages are all the rage right now. Many restaurants use text messaging to send customers special sale prices that appear to be exclusive to the receiver. Messages that make people feel a part of a special group such as, “The VIP Club” build loyalty. Well timed messages can produce amazing results. As an example, Jack-In-The-Box recently sent out emails at 8:00am promoting a chicken meal deal for $4. This planted a seed with people who received it. $4 is an outstanding price for chicken, fries and a soft drink so that in itself causes people to start thinking about what they are having for lunch. At 11:30am, a text message was sent to the same group who received the 8:00am email. It said, “It’s time for lunch” and reshared the $4 chicken meal deal offer. As you can imagine, Jack sold a lot of chicken that day.

To be successful at this type of marketing, you must be armed with as much data as possible. This data should include: The date your customer first became a customer, their mailing address, email address, cell phone number, birthday, anniversary, children’s names and their birthdates, the type of industry they work in and what they have purchased in the past. Armed with this type of data, you are ready to create personalized campaigns that will strongly resonate with your customers and became a Call-To-Action message for them. That action is spending money with your business.

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