Mobile Marketing – Pokémon Style

Pokémon GO is sweeping the world and seemingly dividing the world into two groups. There are those that play with a passion and view catching the “prizes” as serious business and then there are those who don’t quite get it who are left scratching their heads wondering why people are wasting so much time.

Whether you play the game or not, it does teach and inspire thoughts about mobile apps. Let us share with you some information about what we can learn from watching millions of seemingly normal people chase imaginary objects. The concept itself may seem ridiculous to some, but to those who find the marketing value in the Pokémon GO app, it’s a goldmine of information provided.

The Game Embraces Mobile Technology

Playing the game relies on having a mobile device. You have seemingly normal, intelligent, well-educated men, women and children chasing things you can’t see in the real world but by simply owning a mobile device, you can “see” these objects that don’t really exist and chase them. Having a mobile friendly website and mobile apps has become a necessity now as people are becoming more and more connected with their mobile devices. So much so, that data access by mobile device is more common than a desktop device for most people. Are you on the mobile bandwagon?

There’s An App For That

Pokémon GO is a gaming app. Nevertheless, it is an app. While you might have no interest in developing a game, is there some type of app you could create that would make it easier for your customers to do business with you? Explore the possibilities of what an app could do for your own business. Can you cut costs? Can you generate sales? There is an app for almost everything you can think of today. Step back and think about what your own clients might want an app to do.

Playing With Friends

People aren’t just playing Pokémon GO on their own. They are going out “hunting” in large groups. On a recent hot summer night, a crowd estimated at 1500 people scoured a park in 90-degree weather late at night on a Tuesday night. They are sharing the captures of their hunts on social media. They are talking about it over coffee. Imagine if you created an app that linked you directly to your customers through the phone right in their pocket. Imagine if you could send an offer just for them but allow them to push it on to their own friends. Make it even easier for them by including a “share” button so they can share your offers with their friends on their social media pages with the tap of a button.

Here In the Real World

If you can create promotions that drive and motivate people to show up at your own events like seminars, special “invitation only” sales and other events you can make your customers feel personally connected to you through such invitations. You can make them show up to pick-up a tangible item at your business. Many businesses are receiving an influx in business right now from people entering their business locations simply to find imaginary items such as balls. If people will fan out across town looking for imaginary balls, it’s almost a given that they would come into your business looking for whatever you offered them.


You might not be a fan of the Pokémon GO app and you might think that playing the game is a waste of time and that’s okay. However, if you miss the bigger picture of the possibilities for your own business, you might be missing out on the world of mobile marketing.