OADA Partners With Chosen Payments

OADA and Chosen Payments have entered into an exclusive partnership to provide OADA members with discounted credit card processing and other merchant services.  This includes gift card and loyalty programs, merchant loans, marketing support and data breach protection plans.


Chosen Payments joins the OADA community of member suppliers like Flywheel offering an additional benefit to OADA members.  Chosen Payments specializes in providing credit card processing service for auto dealerships around the nation so they truly understand the unique needs of processing credit cards within the auto dealership industry.


OADA works diligently to provide member benefits that will ultimately increase the bottom line profit of our members through minimizing operational costs.  Because of the high dollar transactions that many dealerships process, the cost of processing a credit card can be a significant expense.  For instance, a $2500 deposit on a vehicle can cost as much as $87 with most processing companies.  That amount can be greatly reduced by using Chosen Payments.  Because of their high volume of transactions with many auto dealerships, they are able to provide rates to our association members at a rate that is unlikely to be matched to an individual dealership.  There is buying power through the association and Chosen Payments realizes this and passes the volume savings on to our members.


Chosen Payments was selected as an association partner based on many other factors including Chosen Payments multiple offices across the U.S. and the ability to handle large volumes of transactions while providing a personal touch in the delivery of service. Richard Scalesse, Partner of Chosen Payments says, “Since Chosen Payments already has a focus on providing service to auto dealerships, Chosen Payments and OADA was a great fit for both organizations that will be beneficial to OADA members.”  The company practices what it calls, White Glove Service meaning every account has their own dedicated account manager who will strive to learn your business, your people and your needs.  It is much more than simply processing a credit card.  You can also expect to see Chosen Payments at our events and meetings as they like to roll up their sleeves and participate with the associations they serve.


In addition to providing merchant processing services, members can expect to find an entire team at Chosen Payments dedicated to providing marketing support through their free blogs, educational sessions and materials, 24/7 tech support and dedicated account managers who truly engage with their clients in an effort to fully understand each merchant served.  Chosen Payments offers Next-Day Funding, software integration, EMV terminals and the lowest processing fees available including Amex fees.  For a comparison quote from Chosen Payments, call Richard Scalesse, our dedicated OADA Account Manager and tell him you’re an OADA member.  He can be reached at 470-344-0144 or by email at richard.scalesse@chosenpayments.com