Thanks For A Wonderful 2016

As we begin wrapping up another successful year, we want to give big thanks for making this year the best year that Chosen Payments has had since our inception.  It takes great people to run a company and it takes people doing business with a company to make it successful.  Both groups of people are vital to the overall success of a company.  Our success was measured by our inclusion in First Data’s President’s Club for the 4th year in a row!  This is a distinction given to the best of the best merchant services providers.  We fully expect 2017 to begin the same.

On the inside of Chosen Payments, we have a great team.  Each team member brings a special knowledge, skill or expertise to the table to serve our industry unique customers.  In case you didn’t know, Chosen Payments is dedicated to serving the following industries:

  • Auto Dealers
  • Eye Care Professionals
  • Chiropractors
  • Funeral Care Providers
  • Uniform Industry
  • Prepaid Mobile
  • Resorts
  • Luxury Ground Transportation
  • Home Housewares
  • Jewelry
  • Pet Care

During 2016, we had some major changes in our executive management team that ended up driving our company in a much more positive direction.  Lisa Mann joined us as our Director of Operations.  Branden Anderson was promoted to Director of Sales.  Brett Pace joined our team as the Director of Finance and Jim Luff was added as Marketing Manager.  Under the guidance of our CEO, Jeff Brodsly, the company has thrived.  We were featured in the national publication, Business Solutions!

We Traveled

We were honored to participate in trade shows all over the country.  Our team set up booths at jewelry shows, uniform shows, the cellular telephone industry show, SEMA, limo shows and yes, even funeral shows.  We sponsored many golf tournaments, casino nights, board meetings, focus groups, holiday parties and other fundraising events.  We not only sponsored them, we participated in them.  We delivered more big rebate checks to associations than we ever remember doing in the past.  We love sharing rebate checks with associations and truly thank their respective membership for allowing us to be their credit card processor.  Our program is win-win for everyone.  We rolled up our sleeves to serve on many association board to learn from you as well as share our expertise with you.

New In 2016

Here is a partial list of some significant events of 2016:

  • Our own Sarah VanBeek became Sarah McKee as she married her childhood sweetheart.
  • We introduced Friday Fun Facts on our Facebook page. It’s whimsical fun to make you smile.
  • We launched our own Affiliate Connection Portal as a valuable and free tool for our ground transportation companies to easily locate someone for help in another city.
  • We opened an office in Atlanta to complement our offices in Utah, Kansas, Michigan and California.
  • We formed new partnerships with Chirosushi and the Oregon Auto Dealers Association. That means we handle their member credit card processing.
  • We produced our first live webinar.
  • We hosted our Legendary Party at events from coast to coast.

With gratitude, we thank you for allowing us into your business.  We thank you for making us a part of so many different events, shows and boards across this great nation.  We look forward to being Your Partner In Success in 2017.  You can count on us to deliver White Glove Service