Why Trade Association Membership Matters

Chosen Payments is a member of numerous trade associations with good reason.  Trade associations are the backbone of any industry.  Trade associations negotiate discounts on behalf of their membership, provide education, resources and lobbying efforts.

We belong to more than 100 trade associations in a variety of industries including  Moving and Storage, Ground Transportation, Jewelry, Funeral, Bridal, Uniform, Housewares and even the National Hot Rod Association.  Belonging to an association  isn’t simply about writing an annual check to cover the association dues.  It’s about taking an active part.  For us, that means providing educational sessions and content to the associations we belong to.  Did you know that we send content on the last Monday of each month to every association we hold a membership with?

We frequently can be found sponsoring association events, working the events as volunteers and helping the associations build their membership.  This past Saturday night, the Chosen Payments team provided workers for the Greater California Livery Association’s Casino Night.  Last week our Association Partnership Manager, Sarah McKee participated in the Chosen Payments sponsored Greater Atlanta Limousine Association golf tournament while our CEO headed to New Jersey to the Chosen Payments sponsored LANJ golf tournament.  Speaking of LANJ, our CEO, Jeff Brodsly is the 2nd Vice President of LANJ.  Last night, our Marketing Manager, Jim Luff attended the Orange Belt Funeral Directors Association.  Next week he will be in Newport Beach as a member of the California Funeral Directors Association planning team.  Collectively, Chosen Payments holds seats on seven limo association boards.

When we partner with an association, we bring value to the table and we receive value.  Because we offer a share of our profits to the associations we are members of, the association has a steady source of revenue.  Additionally, our free content contributions, our educational sessions and our event sponsorship and leadership are all positive contributions.  For those associations that endorse us, we get new clients and the new clients get the benefit of a lower processing rate.  A rate they could never get on their own without the benefit of association membership.  We work tirelessly to help our partner associations grow their own membership.  We mail letters to non-members on their behalf asking them to join and share the benefits of membership.  As the association grows, so does our customer base.  As our customer base grows, so does the profit we share with the association making it a win-win situation for everyone involved.

If you are not a member of your industry’s association, please consider joining to enjoy the benefits of having a lobbyist, receiving discounted goods and services, receiving regular updates about your industry and the laws and trends that apply to you.  The value of association membership far exceeds the annual dues.  Speaking of dues, if you are not currently processing with us, give us a try and we will pay for your association dues for the next year.