Why You Should Use SMS for Marketing – An Infographic

SMS is a great channel for any marketer.  When engaging in mobile SMS marketing, you need to provide meaningful messages that resonate with your audience.


Here’s the 8 top mobile stats that shows why SMS is such a great channel:

97% of all text messages are opened

23 billion text messages are sent daily

80% of people are using text messaging for business

70% of consumers appreciate getting text messages from their healthcare provider

75% of people would prefer receiving offers via text messages

70% of employees think that companies should use texting for internal communication

– Millennials send 67 text messages per day

1/3 of business professionals can’t wait 10 minutes to respond to a text

Before you decide to leverage SMS in your marketing mix, review this visual beginner’s SMS marketing guide by Trumpia in order to prepare an SMS strategy in line with best practices.

Why You Should Use SMS for Marketing – An Infographic