Ground Transportation Affiliate Connection Portal

So many ground transportation operators take to social media to find another operator in locations where they have no affiliate connection. And, so the process begins of waiting for someone to respond. Hoping someone will respond in a timely manner. Hoping the recommended company will do a good job. Did you know that Chosen Payments operates our own Affiliate Connection Portal that is FREE to use? You can quickly locate an operator that has been vetted through our underwriting process and connect with peace of mind. Take a moment to watch the video and see how easy this portal is to use. No more waiting for a response. Complete your order within minutes.

While there are many ways to find fellow operators in other markets, most of those methods involve paying for a subscription service in which case the service is making money from you and the receiving affiliate or the receiving affiliate is paying a lead fee.  Using social media is free but not the best way to connect with someone instantaneously for free.  We spent the better part of a year developing our portal to meet the needs of our clients as well as helping develop new business sources.  We didn’t think our clients should have to pay for connecting with each other.

Give it a try today and see how easy it is.  Just click HERE


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